Gold Note Valore Plus 425

Hand Made with passion in Italy

The 80mm platter bearing and spindle, finely machined to achieve the best audio quality, comes directly from our top of the line turntables and so does the 20mm acrylic platter, designed to be as close as possible to the plinth with a gap of only 3mm to reduce interference and turbulence.
This turntable spins smoothly and silently with noiseless rotational stability.

We developed a synchronous 12Volt motor based on Pulse Width Modulation technology to transform the power voltage through an AC-DC-AC process in order to achieve the best coupling of the AC semi-waves, so the motor has a very high torque while the system is free from friction and vibrations.

Two speeds - 33 and 45rpm - are electronically controlled and can be finely adjusted. The adjustments are then stored in the controller memory.
A new perfectly polished hourglass pulley allows the turntable's belt to spin smoothly and reduces the wow&flutter and noise to the lowest levels ever - design can be smart.

Extremely reliable and easy to use, Valore 425 Plus can be set up in any High-End Audio system and will satisfy any music enthusiast looking for performances and efficiency wrapped in beautiful elegance and quality materials.

Valore 425 Plus is available in Special Edition: this model is made in ultra-transparent, finely handcrafted acrylic, and combines stunning looks and even higher performances due to the dampening polymer.

Available lacquered in black or white, or covered in real leather on demand.

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