Wireworld Matrix 2 Power Strip

Wireworld has introduced its new Matrix 2 shielded power cord extender, featuring a total of seven high quality power outlets and flexible mounting options for expanded access to power in a component rack or stealth installation. Additionally, when used with one of the company's acclaimed 52 line of power conditioning cords at the inlet, the Matrix 2 can be used to extend the benefits of Wireworld power cords to components that do not have a removable power cord.

The Matrix 2 power cord extender is designed to provide the additional outlets required by systems with or without dedicated power conditioning equipment. It features a sturdy extruded aluminum chassis with seven high-quality NEMA 5-15 outlets, and an IEC 320 power inlet jack. The enclosure is shielded and grounded, and all internal wiring is 13 AWG solid copper to provide clean high-current power capability while preventing the introduction of audible interference from external electromagnetic sources.

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